Nebraska Adoption, Guardianship, Probate, and Divorce Attorneys

Kotik & McClure prides itself on its client oriented approach to every aspect of our business. We sit down with each of our clients, whether it is for adoption, guardianship, probate matters, divorce, bankruptcy, or another legal issue, and prepare a detailed case plan outlining what approach we believe should be taken in their case and how much it will cost them. This case plan is then revised as the case goes on to meet the needs of each individual client. Our two attorneys take a team approach to handling each case so there is always a knowledgeable attorney available to answer a question about your case. The attorneys personally handle all aspects of the cases from the shortest letter to the longest court hearing so you are always receiving the most comprehensive representation.

Kotik & McClure understands that any legal dispute is very stressful and is a major part of your lives as a client. We do our best to try to put you at ease and explain every step of the process in common English so it is easy to understand. We want to try to make the legal process as easy and worry free for our clients as we can.

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